U19 Clubs

The Cleveland Rugby Club is heavily invested and involved in the youth rugby that is going on in Cleveland and its suburbs. The Club is behind starting and maintaining some of the most well known and successful clubs in the area. From Saint Ignatius to Mentor, the Cleveland Rugby Club has players and older members at the helm. The Club also works closely with Rugby Ohio and Rookie Rugby Cleveland to help support the burgeoning Youth Rugby movement that involves middle school students picking up the game prior to the start of their high school days. The Club recognizes the importance of increasing the popularity of rugby and its members are happy to do their part to get as many people involved on as many levels as possible.

  Coach: John Hummel  

  e-mail: Jhummel63@hotmail.com



  Coach: Geoff Gainford   

  e-mail: gainford_g@shaker.org



Saint Ignatius High School                    Assistant Coach: Zach Webb

                                                                            e-mail: zacharycurtiswebb@gmail.com


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