2014 Cleveland ESRFC Roster of Active Players
Name   Position   15s or 7s
Randy Viviani Coach NA
Evan Johnson Prop 15s
Aaron Zone Hooker 15s
Eric Nutter Prop, Hooker 15s
Christopher Fischer Prop 15s
Justin Rutledge Lock, Prop Both
Michael Travis Lock 15s
Nick Regan Prop, Flanker 15s
Kritter Regan Flanker 15s
Zach Webb 8Man, Lock © Both
Brandon Wolfe Scrumhalf 15s
Nick Viviani Flyhalf © Both
Kyle Buchanan Center, Wing,Flanker Both
Billy Regan Center, Flyhalf 15s
Mike Ciccolini Center, Flyhalf Both
Bryan Liberatore Center, Flanker Both
Nick Musarra Fullback, Wing Both
Anthony Musarra Wing Both
John Bowens Scrumhalf, Wing 15s
Miles Papa Lock Both
Roneil Reynolds Wing Both
Steve Wolnik Wing 15s
Bryan Bowen Wing, Center 15s
David Dragunas Prop, Flanker, Center 15s
Jason Rolf Flanker, Lock 15s
Andrew Little Wing Both
David DiFrancesco Wing Both
Allen Lee Hooker, Flanker Both
Preston Lowden Center Both
Harry Visser Wing 15s
Calvin Yong Leftout 15s
Tom Hale Leftout NA


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