Award Voting 2013

This is the member who takes care of the team off the field.
The Impact Player award is for the player that doesn't necessarily score all the tries or make the highlight reel passes, but rather does the down and dirty work that wins games and doesn't get much recognition. Think rucking, mauling, tackling, supporting... This is the guy who you notice when he's not on the field.
This is for the player who does not typically start but makes the difference when they are needed.
This is the person who livens up the socials and social events like no body else.
Rookies from this current season including fall and spring are eligible for this award.



ROCK N ROLL 7′s Will be Saturday July 13th

Below is the link for the Rock N’ Roll 7′s Flyer and Registration. Follow instructions on flyer for payment and registration. Payments can be done over the phone using square up, through our website shop using paypal, or through the mail with check or money order.  Convenience fees apply for Square up and PayPal.


2013 rock n roll 7′s flyer and registration





6 Nation Schedule!

Join Current Players and Seasoned Olde Boys Saturdays and Sundays for some Rugby viewin’! Weekly prizes, as well as Grand Prizes including and iPad, iPod, Hotel Package, Cash Prizes and More!!!!


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