The Eastern Suburbs Rugby Football Club (ESRFC) was established in Cleveland, Ohio during the spring of 1998.  The ESRFC is a member of the Ohio Rugby Union, Midwest Rugby Football Union, and USA Rugby and traces it’s bloodlines back to 1964 and Dr. John Bergfeld’s founding of the Cleveland Blues, Cleveland’s first rugby club.  Today, the ESRFC competes at the Division-II level and fields two men’s sides.

The ESRFC is a founding member of the Greater Cleveland High School Rugby League and current ESRFC members support several area high school rugby clubs through coaching and league administration.  The ESRFC promotes understanding and participation in rugby through the support of youth rugby, fundraising events, and community service.  The club also hosted the first Cleveland-area YMCA youth flag rugby tournament and continues to host the ever-popular Rock n’ Roll Sevens Rugby Tournament held annually.

The ESRFC wishes to thank those who have lived our history and made our club what it is today and extends a warm welcome to all who wish to join us in celebrating a great rugby tradition.

Team Achievements for 2011 season (Source: USA Rugby)

  • ESRFC – 1st Place in East
  • Billy Regan – 2nd highest try count in Midwest DIII
  • Mike Ciccolini – 8th highest try count in Midwest DIII
  • Adam Wheaton – 7rh most conversion points in Midwest DIII
  • Bryan Bowen – 8th most conversion points in Midwest DIII
  • Bryan Bowen – 7th most penalty kicks made in Midwest DIII
  • Billy Regan – 5th most overall points scored in Midwest DIII
  • Dan Dragolich, Mike Ciccolini, Mike Belanich and Gary Springer – top 4 most starts in Midwest DIII

Individual Stats for the 2011 season (Source: USA Rugby)

Top Point Scorers

  1. Bill Regan (65 pts)
  2. Bryan bowen (51 pts)
  3. Mike Ciccolini (50 pts)
  4. Adam Wheaton (45 pts)
  5. Mark Viviani (33 pts)
  6. Justin Rutledge (23 pts)
  7. Patrick Barrett (20 pts)
  8. John Bowens (15 pts)
  9. Mike Belanich (15 pts)
  10. Al Caserta (15 pts)

Top Try Scorers

  1. Billy Regan (13)
  2. Mike Ciccolini (10)
  3. Mark Viviani (6)
  4. Justin Rutledge (4)
  5. Patrick Barrett (4)
  6. John Bowens (3)
  7. Bryan Bowen (3)
  8. Mike Belanich (3)
  9. Al Caserta (3)
  10. Gary Springer Jr. (3)

New Blood from the Past Year:

  • Valentine Siba
  • Roneil Reynolds
  • Steve Wolnik
  • Calvin Yong
  • Nick Musarra
  • Anthony Musarra
  • Devon Range
  • Charlie McElroy
  • Dave Dragunas
  • Sean O’Donnell
  • Kyle Buchanan
  • Tim Brofman
  • Nate Astrup
  • Zack Forro
  • Joe Jones
  • Tom Hale

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