Superbowl Sunday at Mullarkey’s in Downtown Willoughby

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to watch two teams that aren’t the Browns compete for the NFL’s biggest prize. Superbowl Sunday is February 3 and features the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisci 49ers. Come and take in the game, the cheerleaders and the best part, the commercials, at Mullarkey’s with the Green Horde.

Kick-off is at 6:30pm with doors open at 5:00pm. Entry to this year’s party will be $10 per person, but your money gets you access to all-you-can eat pizza, wings, chili and other food; as well as a single door prize raffle ticket.

There will also be side raffles for ESRFC swag some gifts from our host bar. Don’t forget to put down your bets and get yourself some squares as well. Squares are going for $5 and $10 a piece.

Come early and get prime seating for the game and stay all night long.

Bring your wife, your girlfriend, probation officer, whoever wants to join and come make the Super Bowl that much more super in Downtown Willoughby!

Details are on Facebook.


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